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Alcohol Awareness

Is a training course from BNTL Freeway. It is for those who work with young people. The Course comprises one day of training supported by a complete resource pack. It enables leaders to teach young people about alcohol, its effects and risks. Covering areas such as; attitudes to alcohol; alcohol and the law; alcohol and risk taking behavior and the youth culture surrounding drinking alcohol.

Aims and objectives

The course is designed to provide a basic knowledge about alcohol and explore attitudes towards alcohol. Through a series of exercises and activities candidates will learn about:

• how society views alcohol;
• why people drink alcohol;
• the effects, risks and drawbacks of alcohol consumption;
• youth culture and alcohol;
• alcohol and risk taking behavior, and
• alcohol and the law.

On completion, candidates will have a greater understanding of alcohol and should have gained a greater understanding of culture that surrounds alcohol.

The programme has been designed to be delivered in one day and includes full attendance notes. Once completed it should equip candidates to deliver the course to young people.