1834 was a momentous year in the history of the temperance movement. In that year Joseph Liversey of Preston, founder of the Preston Temperance Society in 1832, visited London, where he delivered his now famous "Malt Liquor" lecture. As a direct result the British Association for the Promotion of Temperance was established. In 1952 the British Temperance League and the National Temperance League were amalgamated as the British National Temperance League, BNTL.

Founded on the principles of total abstinence, Freeway is a modern organisation that offers children and young people the option to not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs, solvents or other addictive substances... we do this through education and training. Freeway is an initiative of the British National Temperance League.


Peter Swales

Chairman and Managing Director
I am a retired Anglican Vicar but my great interest is BNTL and its aim to offer information to children and young people about the dangers posed by alcohol, illegal drugs and the abuse of solvents. At BNTL, we have a sound historical base and experience, but we have not remained in the past. We have a modern outlook as to how we operate in today’s society, and appreciate the pressures faced by both young people and the adults who work with them (youth workers and parents alike). In 2014 we made the decision to make all our resources free-of-charge to enable teachers and those that work with young people access to these valuable sources of information.

Barbara Pike

Chief Executive Officer
As CEO I am responsible for all aspects of running the charity, covering legal, financial and the vision of the work that BNTL carries out.

Ann Swales

Project Co-Ordinator
I am responsible for the administration of all projects undertaken by BNTL.

Our Mission Statement

To make a difference through knowledge. Freeway offers children and young people the option not to drink alcohol or take illegal drugs ... through education and training.

BNTL is an organisation which responds to alcohol and other drug related problems by seeking to promote healthy drug-free life styles and to inform on the effect of alcohol and drugs on individuals and communities.