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The Drug Awareness Lesson Plan serves as an introduction to drugs education, aiming to get pupils in the later part of Key Stage 2 (age 10/11) thinking about the potentially helpful and harmful effects of drugs on peoples’ lives.

Aims and objectives

The lesson introduces and explores the concept of drugs as beneficial agents when used as medicines under the direction of a doctor or pharmacist and as harmful agents when taken without such supervision. Both legal and illegal drugs / substances are covered.

The more common ‘street’ drugs are described in terms of their appearance and effects (both short and long-term). The effects are used as a tool to classify such drugs – all of which have potentially harmful effects.
The lesson sticks to the facts. The aim of the lesson is not to scare pupils, rather to present information which they can use to reach an informed position on their attitudes to drugs - of all sorts.

Background information

The information provided for pupils in this lesson is considered necessary to their understanding and awareness of some of the drugs that they may encounter. Care has been taken not to encourage experimentation.

A teacher note is provided that includes information on symptoms and indications of drug abuse. It is not intended that this information be made available to pupils.