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Basic Drugs Awareness ~ is training course for those who work with young people. Comprising one day of training supported by a complete resource pack, it enables leaders to teach basic information about drugs, their effects on the individual and the community in which they live.

Aims and objectives

The course is designed to provide a basic knowledge about the types and classification of drugs and explore attitudes towards drugs. Through a series of kinetic exercises and activities candidates will learn about drug ‘street’ names; drug use and the effects their use have on individuals and on the people around those individuals. On completion, candidates will have a greater understanding of what a drug is and the different types of drugs available on the street and they should have gained a greater understanding of drug culture. The programme has been designed to be delivered in one day and includes full attendance notes. BNTL Freeway have produced a full resource pack to accompany the course. This is available at an additional cost.

The course content includes:
• attitudes and values towards drugs
• what is a drug?
• drug categories
• effects and risks of drug taking
• drug names and their ‘street’ names
• who is affected by drug use?
• harm and minimisation concept.