The "booktease" below shows the complete resource.

The purpose of this resource

1: to raise awareness of relevant alcohol-related health and welfare issues among young children to help them avoid hazards associated with alcohol consumption, and 2: to let young children know that it is OK to ask for help with alcohol related problems that may be adversely affecting their school-life and/or their homelife.

The materials are presented as a set of three comprehensive, fully resourced and illustrated lesson plans that tackle a variety of important topics in a non-threatening and non-judgemental way. Their purpose is to provide such information as is appropriate to the target audience and to encourage them to think about drinking and the consequences of drinking.

The lessons in this pack have been written for a notional audience of year 2 pupils.


The first two lessons cover

Drugs and chemicals in your home and in our school: What they are, Where they might be, How they can harm us and Simple rules.

The physical and psychological effects of alcohol: on young children and on other people’s behaviour. How you can help yourself and others.

The third lesson is built around a story book which raises issues and asks the children to think very hard about a simple and credible dilemma presented in the story.

The Story Book is supplied as a separate A4 sized download

Lesson 1 - Medicines, drugs and chemicals in your home and in our school.

The lesson uses question and answer combined with pupil observation to explore the medicines, drugs and chemicals that are commonly found in the home and that each can help or harm us.

Medicines, drugs and chemicals - that can help us / that can harm us (types/misuse). Alcohol is a drug too (introduction to effects).

What drugs and chemicals are, where they might be, how they can help or harm.

Simple rules for staying safe with medicines, drugs and chemicals at homeand at school Lesson.

Lesson 2 - The effects of alcohol

Physical and psychological effects.
Direct effects on children (activity: glasses / tasks).
Effects on people’s behaviour (including adults).
Effects on those around them..
How you can help yourself and others. The people who care for you.

Lesson 3 – Story book

The story is constructed to draw together the themes outlined in the preceding lessons and incorporates opportunities for pupil participation.

The story is presented as an A4 book featuring a series of graphics with a separate reading /telling guide (so that the teacher can hold the book up for the class to see whilst having easy access to the words). The story is about a group of friends going to the beach with one of their mothers and the family dog.

Story Synopsis

Introduction to the characters The excitement of anticipation about a day on the beach.

Playing on the beach, throwing a stick for the dog, etc.

Moves the action away from the mother to a discovered “treasure” at the water’s edge

Draws the reader to the treasure: a bottle containing coloured liquid with part of a label reading “tastes great”.

Poses the dilemma – what do they do with it?v Presents their options: Sniff it? Taste it?

Throw it away? Drink it? or Do the right thing (give it to a responsible adult). Pupils are then asked to weigh up the options and consider what they think they should do.

Rewards – having chosen to give it to the responsible mother they are rewarded with ice-cream.