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Aimed at Key Stage 1 the lessons in this pack have been written for a notional audience of year 2 pupils. The purposes of the resource is to raise awareness of relevant alcohol-related health and welfare issues among young children to help them avoid hazards associated with alcohol consumption.

The materials are presented as a set of three comprehensive, fully resourced and illustrated lesson plans.

Aimed at Key Stage 2. BNTL worked with schools, teachers and specialists who deliver alcohol education to young people. We took their professional advice and revised, updated and simplified this teaching resource.

The revised programme consists of three 40-minute lessons. Each lesson is signposted to the relevant national curriculum areas and could be enhanced to exploit opportunities to make more of such links.

Aimed at Key Stage 3, this programme of lesson plans and resources is designed to inform young people about the consequences of alcohol consumption, so enabling them to make informed lifestyle choices.

The materials are designed to be easy and attractive to use in lively and active lessons. The lesson plans are straightforward and the Activity Sheets can be photocopied as required.

Alcohol Awareness ~ is a training course from BNTL Freeway. It is for those who work with young people. The Course comprises one day of training supported by a complete resource pack. It enables leaders to teach young people about alcohol, its effects and risks. Covering areas such as; attitudes to alcohol; alcohol and the law; alcohol and risk taking behavior and the youth culture surrounding drinking alcohol.

Basic Drugs Awareness ~ is training course for those who work with young people. Comprising one day of training supported by a complete resource pack, it enables leaders to teach basic information about drugs, their effects on the individual and the community in which they live.

The Drug Awareness Lesson Plan serves as an introduction to drugs education, aiming to get pupils in the later part of Key Stage 2 (age 10/11) thinking about the potentially helpful and harmful effects of drugs on peoples’ lives.