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This programme of lesson plans and resources is designed to inform young people about the consequences of alcohol consumption, so enabling them to make informed lifestyle choices.

The materials are designed to be easy and attractive to use in lively and active lessons. The lesson plans are straightforward and the Activity Sheets can be photocopied as required.

It is recognised that “problem drinking” is not pervasive among all young people. Most have sensible attitudes towards alcohol consumption. However, for a minority alcohol presents a very real threat to health, finances and life prospects. For young people already on the slippery slope it can be very difficult to reverse their progress. It is vital that early interventions (such as provided by the lessons in this pack) inform and empower young people to confidently avoid the potential of disasters just around the corner.

Rather then hectoring, facts about the effects of alcohol on the performance of body systems are presented in a way that encourages learners to make their own informed decisions.

So why just ALCOHOL?

The foundations of adult alcohol consumption tend to be laid in the early teen years, just at the time when young people are most susceptible to the powerful influences of peer pressure, advertising and indeed in some cases pressure from family members to “have a drink”.

Whilst smoking is progressively becoming socially unacceptable and its advertising banned, no such trend is apparent in drinking. Indeed, with the advent of alco-pops, specifically designed for the younger drinker, and the development of “club” culture the pressure is well and truly on for young teenagers to make an early start.

This series of lessons is designed to provide young people with information and insight so that they can:

a) make sensible choices whilst “thinking about drinking”

b) be equipped to resist pressures and adopt appropriate responses to alcohol consumption.

Lesson Plans

1: Lifestyle choices: healthy & unhealthy lifestyles

2: Science - Alcohol the drug: the effects of alcohol consumption on the human.

3: Science - Alcohol and the brain: the effects of alcohol on the human brain.

4: PSHE - Advertising alcohol

5: Maths - Blood alcohol concentration (BAC): Plotting a graph to show Blood Alcohol Concentrations over time.

6: Design & Technology - Alcohol-free drinks: non-alcoholic cocktails.

7: PSHE - Peer Pressure: Peer pressure and alcohol.

8: Citizenship - Alcohol and the law.

9: English / ICT - Presenting the facts: Prersenting the facts about alcohol.

10: Appendices